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24 May 2016

Bronxel Tours, guided tours with a devoted Brusseler

It all started 6 years ago with a tour Florent organized for friends. He made them discover the hidden gems of Brussels, taking a lot of pleasure and little by little, deciding to make it his hobby. Florent is a lawyer by training but works in a design office in the world of cycling. He spends his free time looking for information on Brussels neighborhoods: legends, architecture, history, anecdotes, graffiti ... He can spend weeks preparing a tour. Now more structured, it offers around thirty multiple-content tours, on foot or by bike, and participants beyond his circle of friends. Thanks to his electric bakfiets, Florent can even carry a person with reduced mobility or up to three children at a time. Among the participants, there are many Brussels residents. He manages to surprise them with legends or little-known anecdotes. For example, in front of the Saints-Michel-et-Gudule Cathedral, it will not only talk about architecture, but also the legend behind the stained-glass windows. This Brusseler devoted to his city offers to make you discover the city as you have never seen it.