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02 Jun 2016

They carry shovels and spades on their bike

After gardener training, Gil worked for 10 years in a large gardening company. This experience, however, left him dissatisfied. The utensils’ use of gasoline and transport, the noisy equipment, much waste, pesticides, the hours spent in traffic jams ... So many practices that do not align with his philosophy of life. He wants to give more value to his work and is inspired by an article about Quebec gardeners, on a bike. With his friend Xavier, he launched Cyclo Gardens.

Equipped with an electric bike and a trailer, they can easily carry all their equipment. "In addition, we are faster than with a van, since we squeeze between cars and we need not park." The trailer can be detached from the bike and used as a toolbox that can easily be pulled to the bottom of the garden.

Cyclo gardens can easily tend to terraces and small gardens in Brussels. They are not equipped for larger gardens or to cut a large tree for example; then they would need bigger machines, "but anyhow we do not want to cut the trees, we would rather plant them," says Gil with a smile.

Consistent in their approach, they apply their philosophy to other sides of the job. They try to recycle as much garden waste as possible, preferring the thermal weed killer to pesticides, they use local and organic soil rather than industrial and use only electrical machines which make far less noise and do not use petrol, or even old hand tools 'People sometimes smile seeing our old tools'.

This is how work is once again a real pleasure for these two men who are happy to work without a van. A by no means insignificant detail, the bike incurs fewer expenses than a van, making them rather competitive.