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  • DIY

Papadouala. A DIY repair workshop in Saint-Gilles.

A step inside, a step outside.

Within walking distance of the Saint-Gilles barrier and the town hall, we can see a mysterious house. With its exotic name, you might expect a secondhand dealer, but that's not so. Everything comes to light when the place opens and cyclists flock. The room is not big, so things happen on the sidewalk, naturally and spontaneously. All of a sudden, you think you're at a neighborhood party, and the trendy cafe across the street has nothing to do with it. Here, the neighborhood folk meet, the children come to inflate their ball, the fans give advice, the regulars drink a zinnebier and friendly people repair their bike, always ready to help each other. When the workshop closes, the facade resumes its mysterious air. To troubleshoot when closed, Papadouala has set up street repair stations in the neighborhood. And to make cycling even more accessible to all, Papadouala is looking for solutions to share cargo bikes, which are not inexpensive. To get to know your neighbors and brighten up a neighborhood, there is nothing better.

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