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Bike Paradise. Socio-economic organization for a secondhand bike or small repair.

Let’s give secondhand a chance.

No point in introducing "Les Petits Riens", a socio-economic organization known for its secondhand stores. Not only do they create work for those who finding it hard to find, but their profits also serve to combat poverty and social exclusion in Brussels. But let's admit most of all we adore them, because we find anything there, and at bargain prices. The bargain hunter's paradise is in the rue Américaine in Ixelles, where their largest store is located. There are several floors, clothing, furniture, toys, books, electronics, trinkets of all kinds and especially ... bicycles. Despite the very attractive name, Bike Paradise is quite small and only sells a few secondhand bikes. As for the repair workshop, it is much bigger. The technicians, more or less qualified and experienced, repair bikes here. They are not professionals, but apprentices, you have to take that into account. No need to ask to fix your fixie, here we do mostly DIY survival. But who says it does not work? It's up to you to risk the adventure and support the project.

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