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KM10, the mountain bike specialist and much more

A mandatory milestone for mountain bike fans

Exactly 10km from Brussels City Hall, from which distances are calculated in Belgium, Olivier and his partner decided to open a specialist mountain bike shop over 10 years ago. The location is well selected, at the edge of the Sonian Wood, a favorite playground for mountain bikes. Unique in Brussels, their shop has quickly become the meeting place for sporty cyclists. These come not only to buy bikes, parts and high-end accessories, but also meet every week before going for a ride together. The store has many assets: bike rental, provision of lockers and showers, you can even clean your bike, because, if you did not know it yet, the joy of mountain biking is largely riding in mud.

More than a store, the place has over time become a reflection of Olivier's passion for biking. Immersed in BMX and mountain biking from a young age, he made biking his job, but did not forget his dreams. In his shop, we also notice a few strange bikes. He quickly admits to some hasty purchases and whims: "I totally gave in," he says laughing. What do you think, for example, of a grand-bi, an ultra-design carbon fixie or a vintage bike? "It may not sell very well, but it's for the pleasure of having this incredible bike in my store," he admits proudly, before detailing all the great technical aspects of the bike. So, we do not only find mountain bikes. The Brompton Wall, children's bikes, city bikes, electric scooters and children's trailers make it easy for everyone to find their happy at KM10. And then we also meet Olivier, this mountain bike specialist who, behind his muscular build, is a very friendly and passionate man who loves to talk about cycling.

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