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Velosos, in-house repairs or at home by a professional

A young dynamic repairer

After a few years studying journalism, Florent started training as a bicycle mechanic in Tournai. Armed with his repairer diploma and rich from his multiple internships with Brussels repairers, he decides to take the plunge: Velosos is born. In his Etterbeek workshop, he repairs all types of bikes, laons at home. Among his clients, there are private individuals, but also other companies in Brussels with whom he collaborates or schools in which he annually operates bicycle repairs.

Starting a company is not always easy, he admits: "in winter, there are some lows" but the visits of his regular customers bring him some balm to the heart: "they are satisfied with my work, so they come back, it's very rewarding."

His workshop is housed in the same building as the Hush Rush couriers; he has become the "in-house" repairer of these trendy couriers: "I love the courier culture, it's very special". He then shows us a specialized cargo-bike with welded tubes to allow a larger transportation base. Florent actually has another passion, welding. In Flanders he found one of the last Belgian welders with whom he followed 4 months training. His dream is to be able one day to create his own bike frames "made in Belgium" and to be part of the tradition of the many Belgian welders of the glorious years of cycling. "Now everything is made elsewhere where it is cheaper, but not so good".

Florent is a hard worker, a man who believes in quality work and craftsmanship and above all has a passion for cycling, a man who will welcome you with open arms whether for repair or for advice.

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