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There is no age to carry on cycling

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A fantastic family life on a bike

It's the story of chance doing things right. About ten years ago, Marie combined car and bicycle until the former burned in an accident.

Not having the means to buy a new car, she thought, in the meantime, she would exclusively use her bike. Then, temporary became definitive: Marie never bought a car again.

"There are no traffic jams, you are the traffic jams"

She has a traffic jam phobia. It stresses her out and it pisses her off. "There is this sentence which says: there are no traffic jams, you are the traffic jams", notes Marie. That's how she felt when she was stuck between two cars. "Cycling is fast, it's more fluid," she says.

She was afraid that she would have to give up this freedom with the birth of her children, but thanks to this cargo bike, the adventure continues. Marie and her three children do everything by bike: trips to school or to extra-scholar activities, shopping, etc.

I take my cargo bike to bring them to school then I’m dropping it back home and I go to work with my electric bike. For shopping, we are delivered once a week via a purchasing group. We are doing the rest with the cargo bike. We can store the equivalent of a shopping cart in it. It’s huge!”, she points out.

"We've organized our whole lives around the house", she continues. It creates bonds: she and the children know the people of the neighbourhood, the names of all the dogs of the people who walk in the street, they interact with pedestrians and other cyclists...

"The only thing we don't have is the radio. But we sing instead."

And when they need to go to another part of the city, thanks to the electric assistance of the cargo bike, it is possible. Marie also subscribes to Cambio; a service she uses to get out of Brussels.

"Sometimes I think I'm riding a bike out of laziness. I don't have to look for a parking space, I don't have to walk for hours afterwards... There are no restrictions with cycling. The only thing we don't have is the radio. But we sing instead. We have a fantastic life without a car."

An article from Violaine Jadoul

Photos by Zoom production